Keep Raccoons Out Of Garden

Its total homework for all of us, indeed. Puhhh.. keep raccoons out of garden what a fun. Why raccoons attack our garden anyway? Well, the answer is because they can, really?. Let be serious then, raccoons love our garden because they think a garden is their resource to drink and eat. Well lunch plates, breakfast and dinner, beat the 24/7.

Q: Can we keep them away?

A: Yes

Q: How?

A: Few methods, you can do fencing, you can make a trap, frighten them even with your pie pans one said.

Q: Anything good other than those?

A:  Yes, plant the plants they hate. Such, pumpkin, cucumbers, mint, chili, tomatoes, and also garlic.

Keep Raccoons Out Of Garden

Okay, you then thinking they are cute? Nooooooooo. That's what they do, make you think that way, really. Keep the campaign alive: Keep raccoons out of garden!!

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